Alan Kay:

The best way to predict the future is to INVENT IT!



IfG Institut für Gerätebau GmbH (now IfG – Institute for Scientific Instruments GmbH), Berlin, Germany, has been a reliable OEM supplier of mono- and polycapillary X-ray optical components to major X-ray analytical instrument manufacturers for many years.


Furthermore, IfG is a long-standing partner for customized in-line XRF and XRD solutions which are used for the evaluation of technological manufacturing processes in different industrial fields. The related products are used both in factories in Germany and around the world.


And of course a new step in ideas development has to originate from the (M)TRIZ-investigation of previous author’s and competitors’ expertise.



Example 1. Reinventing the Wolter-lens for X-ray focusing


Example 2. Reinventing the transition from "mono-sized" capillaries towards the "poly-sized" capillaries


Very effective development was achieved in very interesting invention of IFG under authorship of Dr. Bjeoumikhov (US Patent No. 2002 / 0148808 A1). This solution is quite in accordance to TRIZ Laws of evolution as transition "mono – bi – poly – mono" at stage between "mono" and "poly".



Training of specialists and customized MTRIZ-research projects aim to achieve outstanding results in the world in developing and producing the "state-of-the-art" mono- and polycapillary X-ray optical components!